The Total Man Concepts

The concept of the total man is to build our students body, soul and spirit by providing avenues for them to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. Some of these are:

Sports: we are committed to sports not only for physical fitness of our students but to build them up to win laurels both locally and internationally.

Music: we do not teach music as a conventional subject we train our students to develop their musical talents to a high level of competence. Each child is helped to identify a least one musical instrument of choice for specialization.

Innovation Festival or Ideas Celebration Day: we encourage innovation and ideas generation from our students. A day is dedicated to celebrate these innovation and ideas.

International Cultural Day: This is our unique offer where we showcase the culture of different nations of the world where our students come from and of our partners. It provides a wonderful platform for our students to learn firsthand the cultures of other nations to enable them operate as global citizens.