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It is my pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to you! Thank you for visiting Eagle Height Life Formation School’s website. Eagles Height Life Formation Academy (EHLFA) is on a very spacious land in a serene environment conducive for learning at
Km5, Ondo-Akure Road, Igba, Ondo town in Ondo State Nigeria.

Our Mission

To create a string desire and determination for greatness in the heart of young men and women through teachings, coaching, training, and impartation of Godly living, motivation for academic excellence and total success. And to help students explore their intelligent capacities, talents and gifts, to fully manifest these to serve God and man through practical trainings and exhibitions to encourage innovations and inventions.

A place to learn and grow together

We offer first class boarding facilities, Dining Hall, ICT centers, Library, Laboratories, Health center and Classrooms equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

Our community is made up of the students, teaching and non-teaching staff, Management, the Board and Parents. We endeavor to maintain high standards and drive for excellence. We continually project our aspiration in life to soar to greatness. We believe and hold firmly that e are all champions.


Medical Facilities

Qualifies medical personnel are on hand to take care of the students and to ensure that attention is given to them promptly when any occasion arises.


These are equipped with state of the art equipment such as interactive white board technology which enables the concept of VAK (Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic) learning.

Sport and Socials

The Boarding house environment provides an atmosphere and opportunity for the students to develop healthy social skills and sporting capacities.


As a full boarding school our accommodation is one of our major selling points. Our accommodation is clean and neat with bed, toilet toilet and laundry facilities in place. We are focused on making the environment healthy and secure for the great Eagles. It is our belief that the nurture which our students receive and the environment have a lot of impact on their character.

House Parents

We have Godly men and women who are trained and certified to build young people as house Masters and Mistresses. They serve as mentors to the students to ensure their spiritual and physical development. They also help maintain discipline and orderliness.

Join the great Eagles

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