Club and organizations

Club and organizations

Club and Organizations

Students Are Allowed To Join Any Of The Following Clubs

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage dynamic and God fearing leaders from diverse backgrounds by creating a year-round curriculum comprising of sciences, arts and social sciences for building knowledge and resources in their chosen professions to turn ideas into reality using concrete and measurable variables.

Music Club

Eagleheights Formation Academy music clubs provide students with an opportunity to pursue their musical interests and talents, while also building teamwork and leadership skills. Members learn how to play instruments, sing, or compose music in a supportive and collaborative environment, and perform in concerts and recitals. Through music clubs, students can express themselves creatively, develop their musical skills, and connect with others who share their passions.
music club

Press Club

Eagleheights Formation Academy Press clubs provide students with a platform to develop their writing, editing, and journalism skills, as well as an understanding of media ethics and freedom of speech. Students work together to produce school newspapers, magazines, and other multimedia content, and learn about the process of gathering and reporting news. Through Press clubs, students can find their voice and gain valuable experience in the field of media.

Debate Club

Eagleheights Formation Academy debate clubs provide students with an opportunity to develop critical thinking, public speaking, and argumentation skills in a supportive and challenging environment. Debaters engage in lively discussions on current events and practice the art of persuasion and refutation, all while building confidence, teamwork, and leadership skills.
debate club

Other clubs and organizations

Secondary school clubs offer students a wide range of extracurricular activities that provide opportunities for personal growth, socialization, and skill development. From music and dance to debate and journalism, Music Club, Boys and Girls Club,Drama and Dancing Troupe,Scout,Man O’ War (Cadet ), these clubs help students explore their interests, build their confidence, and develop valuable life skills.

By participating in secondary school clubs, students can enhance their academic experience and set the foundation for a well-rounded future.

man owar

Man O' War (Cadet )

Drama & Dancing Troupe

Drama & Dancing Troupe