Academic Methods

Academic methods

Academic methods

Our Academic Method Emphasizes High Scholarship And Practice. We Provide Adequate Facilities To Ensure Sound Theoretical And Experimental Studies Which Make For All Round Development Of Our Students. To This End In Addition To Regular Subjects In Sciences, Arts And Languages We Offer Some Special Package Like:

Christian Ethics: we teach an innovative subject called “Christian ethics” which is aimed at building the student spiritually as agents of Change in the Market place.

Vocational Training: We have a center for the discovery and development of personal gifts, talents and preferences of Students to enable the practically exercise them in various areas like:

Barbing, Photography, Home Keeping and Catering, Printing and Publishing, Entrepreneurship & Business Development, Fashion Design, Music, Acting etc.

This will ensure that even on Holidays and immediately after graduating they can deploy skills to make money to support their parents or communities.

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