About Us

About Us

EagleHeights Life Formation Academy

Our Vision is to Raise A Generation Of Great Eagles Who Will Impact Their Communities And The World For God, Create A Citadel For Greatness And Become A Pinnacle Of Excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to engage dynamic and God fearing leaders from diverse backgrounds by creating a year-round curriculum comprising of sciences, arts and social sciences for building knowledge and resources in their chosen professions to turn ideas into reality using concrete and measurable variables.

Our Mission

To create a string desire and determination for greatness in the heart of young men and women through teachings, coaching, training, and impartation of Godly living, motivation for academic excellence and total success. And to help students explore their intelligent capacities, talents and gifts, to fully manifest these to serve God and man through practical trainings and exhibitions to encourage innovations and inventions.

We also aim to build a team and community of people working together with dedication, humility, commitment and competence who are ever growing and learning to make global impact.

Our philosophy

The purpose of the Eagles Height Life Formation Academy (EHLFA) is to raise great men who by their greatness would showcase the glory of God to the World.

We believe that’s as Great Eagles, all men are created with innate abilities to be great and that they need to be discovered and nurtured both for their profit and global impact.

Eagles Height Life Formation Academy (EHLFA) is therefore modeled after the character of the Eagle a rare bird, the monarch of the skies with abilities and capacities for greatness such as a clear Vision, Focus, Tenacity of Purpose, Courage, Boldness, Hard Work, Family, Friendship, Humor and Love.

These core values are shared by the Eagles Height Life Formation Academy (EHLFA) community of management, teaching/non-teaching staff and Students. It is our firm belief that all men though endued with great potentials must discover and develop them to a level of competence for deployment to make a difference In the world.

It is our avowed commitment and would be a promise kept to the Great Eagles that they are nurtured for global impact.

The Academy is built with a deliberate focus not only to serve the people of Nigeria but the global community and as such world class standards of excellence are maintained. We believe that the God-given abilities of our student nurtured in a conducive and Godly environment by well cultured and committed teachers will produce men and women with abilities to soar to great heights hence our motto: Soaring unto greatness.

our logo

About our Logo

The meaning of our Logo:
The two olive branches are symbols of peace and the serenity of our school.

The shield at the Centre is our emblem of faith to quench all the challenges that may come our way and to protect our children from worldly influence.

The eagle is symbolic of our strength, doggedness, aspiration and great vision!


Divine Origin and Leadership: The Almighty God is the origin of this school and He continues to provide the required leadership to achieve its purpose and objectives. We are assured that whatever God had said would come to pass so we are sure that our student’s will soar to Eagles Height.

Commitment to Excellence: we are committed to excellence in life and this is non-negotiable. Our standard is excellence and we alongside our students shall live it.

Everyone is a Champion: Here everyone wins on the basis of their comparative advantage. We help each student to discover these areas and develop along that line to guarantee he or she comes out as a champion.

Conducive Environment: We provide an environment conducive to nurture our students that they can soar unto greatness. We ensure regular power supply and maintain a serene environment to aid learning and teaching.

ICT Facilities: We have information and communication facilities utilized for teaching and learning. We provide internet facilities and apply this from student enrolment, registration, examinations, student monitoring and reports, interactive website and teaching.

Networking and Exposure: We provide platform for our students to network with peers within and outside the country. We give them both local and international exposure to help them develop broad horizon and global outlook.

Godly and Experienced Counseling: We provide Godly counseling for the students to enable them develop emotionally and mentally thereby ensuring strong and healthy character.

Versatility and Enterprise: As a co-educational institution we help our students to develop their specialized skills for self development and enterprise.

International Culture: We have an annual international cultural day which focuses on different nations of the world thereby preparing our students as global citizens who would always be able to adapt anywhere they find themselves. We also maintain a global outlook in all we do to reflect the diversity of the members of our community.

Excellent Classroom, Library and Accommodation: Our classrooms and Library are equipped with state of the art ICT facilities. The accommodation we provide is home away from home for the students. These facilities ensure that our products become excellent leaders and Great Eagles indeed.